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Part 2 — Behind the scenes on The Grounded

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The third and final day of filming last week was my favorite.   That’s because I got to meet with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met from across the country — on top of the wonderful, sincere and innovative director Steve Kroschel, I met with world-renowned cardiac specialist and holistic physician… Read more »

Behind the scenes on location with The Grounded movie!

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I have so many great pictures to share with you from our second filming session in The Grounded that I need to split them up into two blog posts! To see pics from my first adventure with the movie, take a look at them here — where I interview moon-walking astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Charlie… Read more »

To The Moon And Back…

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That’s how lucky I’ve been feeling lately. My son literally just asked me “How come we meet the nicest people?” and I totally agree with him. We have just spent the past five days meeting new folks… from men who have walked on the moon to the sound and camera crew, the movie director… everyone… Read more »