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Coffee Decreases Your Risk of Diabetes

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Published 3 months ago (April 2014) in Diabetologia, a new study found that drinking more coffee can dramatically decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.   This was a huge longitudinal study, looking at whether increasing or decreasing your coffee or tea intake changed the subsequent rate of type 2 diabetes development. Turns out,… Read more »

Caffeine — Best Study Aid Ever?

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Last week, I shared with you the news of the recently found heart protective quality of caffeine. Caffeine appears to have an enhancing effect on memory consolidation as well, suggests a study published right on the heels of last week’s study.     Published on January 12, 2014 in Nature Neuroscience, caffeine was shown to… Read more »

Prevent dementia AND reduce skin cancer? Yep. Here’s how…

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There is one thing you can drink every single day (multiple times a day) that has now been proven to not only prevent dementia but also reduce your skin cancer risk. It’s lovely. It’s warm. It’s invigorating. It’s coffee! Now, I know caffeinated coffee is addictive and I can say for sure I don’t feel… Read more »

More good news for your Monday Morning…

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    If you are like me you love coffee.  I mean everything about it… the smell… the taste… the warmth… Likewise for tea.  I just love it!  Chai lattes being my favorite, but cinnamon, earl grey, camomile, peppermint… love them all. Besides all of the recent good press coffee has been getting on all… Read more »

The only soap my son will ever use… and it could be yours!

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Well… not the actual bar of soap that my son uses.  Not only would that be gross, but really and truly, you’d have to fight him tooth and nail to get it away from him.  He hates taking a shower, hates soaps and lotions and cream and lip balms and anything remotely girly (he’s a… Read more »

Natural Body Products and Tea… with a Give-a-way!

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I first met Connie through a local natural mothers group here in Charleston.  I tried her tea and I have not stopped drinking it since… years later, I can say without a doubt her teas are my favorite… ever!  And the more I’ve gotten to know Connie, the more I love her…  teas or not. … Read more »