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Medicine vs. Intuition…. Either/Or?

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This arrived along with our usual jumble of medical journals and publications, and I was so excited: Intuition made the front cover!?!? How awesome is this! I opened it up, not caring if it were going to be a positive review of intuition in medicine or a negative one, just so glad there were going… Read more »

One of the best tools in my toolbelt…

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  On Monday I had a wonderful guest give some great tips on reducing anxiety and taking charge over anxiety. I struggled with extreme anxiety as a child and a young adult, and feeling like I have loosened the grips of anxiety over my life makes me feel so free. But recently, as I was… Read more »

Heart Centered Parenting Tip #1: An easy way to re-direct the energy of the day

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First of all, I want to thank you all for leaving such kind comments for me in the last post. I really appreciate every single one… each was like a gift that helped heal me and washed away some of the sadness… Okay, so I’m still feeling a little raw but I had this quick… Read more »