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Constant Noise Impacts Your Health More Than You Think. 10 Ways To Fix It

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Chronic background noise doesn’t just irritate you, and it doesn’t just prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep… …it’s actually impacting your long term health. By more than you think!   Chronic levels of noise found frequently in modern society has been shown to significantly increase your risk of heart attack, heart disease, heart… Read more »

Household Chemicals Damage Cognition (And Small Changes You Can Make To Protect Yourself)

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A recent study just published May 2016 in the journal Environmental Research  reveals the extent of damage that common household chemicals are having on children… … impairing cognitive function and behavioral development.   Chemicals that are routinely found in homes that are implicated in impairing cognitive function of children are commonly found in nonstick cooking… Read more »

Healing From Toxic Relationships (video)

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Are your friends or loved ones draining you?   Are you having difficulty receiving nurturing… … either from yourself or from others?   Or, are you feeling taken advantage of lately?     Do you have these common heart chakra conditions? fibromyalgia breast issues heartburn circulatory issues heart disease trust issues abandonment anger or jealousy… Read more »

The Two Healthiest Ways To Have A Period Are Also The Two Cheapest!

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For my last period, I couldn’t find my much beloved Diva cup. (I can literally hear all the guys reading this instantly click off this blog post, but if you are brave enough to make it past that first sentence I think you’ve made it past the hard part.) Well, I was debating whether to… Read more »

Avoiding Tylenol…

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Hi peeps! A new study published online November 22 in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shed some new light on the use of Tylenol. It doesn’t look pretty in this new light. I know it would be easier to turn the light off, but instead, let’s shine a spotlight on Tylenol so that we… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… Toothpaste.

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To use fluoride toothpaste or not… that is the question. Well, if that is the question, here is my answer… we don’t.   If you do a web search on fluoride, you’ll find a million and one articles ranging from rants on fluoride being rat poison to being responsible for causing sudden death in the… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… Menstruation, Part II… natural solutions (and a Giveaway!)

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I love the moon!  I love being a girl… I find power in the moon and enjoy painting it.  I’m going to feature my moon-related paintings in this second blog post about “Moontimes”… this painting is The Castle Remains.  Giclee prints of all of these moontime paintings are availble in my shop… and one reader… Read more »