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Are you Electrosensitive?


If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Getting relief is as simple as understanding how highly conductive the human body is and how to protect and nurture that exquisite conductivity.

After all, your conductive health is your biggest ally in healing and maintaining robust wellness for a lifetime.

Read on to find out more:


As a physician, my top priority is to foster the innate healing potential of every single one of my patients.

Grounding has consistently been shown in the medical literature to boost the body’s ability to heal and is one of my favorite go-to healing recommendations.

Connecting to the earth is the most natural form of healing there is!

But with modern society’s rapid and persistent rampage on creating ever stronger and stronger electromagnetic fields that affects our body’s ability to function, I wanted to form a coalition to make sure that our connection to the earth stays as safe as possible.


Because even as our environment declines, we must find ways to preserve our healthy connection to the earth outside.

As a medical doctor, I took a solemn oath to first and foremost do no harm,

an oath I take very seriously.


In today’s incredibly electric world, a world filled with layer upon layer of electromagnetic fields, we can no longer afford to be caviler about the impact this has on the human body, and the impact this might have on the human body that is grounded.


As you know, it is now well established that many people are sensitive to EMFs and reporting deleterious health effects in increasing numbers.


This gives rise to concerns between grounding and EMF sensitivity.


The EMF community is concerned about introducing additional currents to the body through grounding cords, and the grounding community has offered hard-to-verify misinformation suggesting that grounding immunes the body from EMFs, a claim I am not comfortable with until there are more medical studies verifying this.


I have a long term goal of bridging this gap — finding a realistic place where we are fully aware of the dangers of EMF exposures, not sticking our head in the sand, and aware of the ever increasing radiation exposures our society is creating on the long term health of the human body…


…as well as ensuring that we are still able to safely benefit from the healing therapy of grounding, which I truly believe is essential for the human body to function optimally.


I created the Safe Grounding Coalition as a platform where we can all share information and constantly upgrade our understanding of the health benefits of grounding, as well as the health dangers of EMF exposures.


To this end, I have collected a list of medical studies and other resources waiting for you right over here, that I constantly update to include both of these topics.  My goal is to have forward progress that constantly expands and evolves, unifying these two sides of the same coin.


Not picking sides, but instead showing how these are both part of one umbrella of Conductive Health.


The truth is that the very thing that makes grounding so powerful is that we are fully conductive human beings with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive and ready to receive the earth’s healing energy.

And the very thing that makes us so susceptible to EMF exposures is that we are fully conductive human beings, with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive, which means we are affected by the electromagnetic fields around us.



This is all one united field of medicine, a field that I am now calling Conductive Medicine.  


The health of our bodies absolutely depends on us uniting these two issues, not dividing them!  

Our conductive health actually is our biggest asset in healing!

I am writing a book on the healing practice of grounding and how conductive health forms the basis of the design of the human body.

It is a glorious, spectacular, Divinely designed healing principle that is truly the basis for life as we know it!


Stay tuned for the release of this healing idea book, filled with ways to ground to the earth and support your conductive health no matter what the season or weather.


But until this new book is available, conductive health is a simple enough concept to understand, and it’s crucial for those of us that are EMF sensitive to understand.

It’s just two parts:

  • You support your conductive health by grounding.
  • You protect your conductive health by decreasing EMF exposures, and shielding what we can’t decrease.


These two approaches are both wonderful, powerful, awesome, positive things anyone can do, and they overlap in beautiful ways… covering us from both angles, not dividing us.

Protecting your conductive health (by shielding and buffering EMF exposures) while boosting your conductive health (by grounding) is a completely compatible combination and absolutely the best thing you can do to support you body’s long term well being.

To this end, I have started introducing safer grounding cords that prevent electrical currents from reaching the user (effectively allowing only one-way current flow) while shielding the grounding cord from resonating with EMFs from the user’s ambient environment.


Although dozens of studies over several decades now has shown the healing power of being grounded through a standard ground cord, those with EMF sensitivities may prefer a ground cord that has a one-way safety mechanism in place.

This one way flow still allows full contact with the earth — to dissipate inflammation and neutralize static charge — while preventing currents to be transmitted up the cord to the user from the EMF fields in the environment.


The PureGround filtering and shielding cord has a filter that prevents any dirty electricity from traveling up the line as well as shields the line from resonating with electrical fields that are in the ambient environment.


These safer grounding cords, that both filter and shield the ground connection from being affected by ambient EMF fields in the environment, are called PureGround Filtering & Shielding Ground Cords.

The PureGround Filtering & Shielding Ground Cord is a crucial update that is sorely needed in the world of grounding and EMF protection, for those that are particularly EMF sensitive.

I purposefully designed the PureGround cord so that it could be used with absolutely any and all grounding tools and shielding tools that you might already own or be offering to your patients, customers, family and friends.

Because I want everyone on earth to be in safe contact with the earth.


No sides, only collaborative health and healing.


If you are interested in offering the purest earth connection possible to your patients, clients and customers that are EMF sensitive, it is as simple as offering the PureGround filter cord as an upgrade with all of your current grounding and shielding tools.

To help make this healing upgrade more accessible to all, I offer special wholesale pricing to health care practitioners, health care advocates, small and large businesses alike, and anyone who wants to join the Safe Grounding Coalition.

It’s free to join and your membership comes with these perks:

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  • Exclusive wholesale pricing on PureGround Filter & Shielding Cords, only available for Safe Grounding Coalition members, so that you can instantly upgrade your grounding and shielding tools to the safest possible ground connection.
  • A Safe Ground Coalition newsletter and email loop, where you can connect with others who are interested in sharing information on topics relevant to safer grounding and EMF hygiene practices.



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Let’s form a collaborative group that is invested in providing the safest living environments possible in this electronic world.


That’s what the Safe Grounding Coalition is all about.

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