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Are you electrosensitive?

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Grounding has consistently been shown in the medical literature to boost the body's ability to heal and is one of my favorite go-to healing recommendations.

But with modern society's rapid and persistent rampage on creating ever stronger and stronger electromagnetic fields that affect our body's ability to function, it's imperative to not only ground the body to the earth but shield the body from EMF exposures.

For the electrosensitive, this is crucial to understand.
Getting relief is as simple as protecting your conductivity with shielding.

Find out how to boost your Conductive Health with safe grounding practices - click the button below!

"The Earth Prescription is a game changer."
Christiane Northrup, M.D.
New York Times best-selling author
"Dr. Koniver has nailed it."
Emil DeToffol, DDS
Founder of Less EMF Inc.

The Earth Prescription is filled with hundreds of healing ways to connect to our planet outdoors, no matter what the season and no matter where you live. Whether you live in a city with only cement outside your door or if you live in extreme temperatures that keep you indoors – I've got solutions for you. Learn specific ways to use grounding to support healing, and get answers to your most frequently asked questions. Get excited for your next grounding moment! Grab your signed copy right here..

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